What Should I Bring for a Meeting With my Estate Planning Attorney?

While the list below is not all inclusive, the documents listed will greatly assist your estate planning lawyer in formulating a plan for your particular situation. If you would like to provide more detailed information, please click here (pdf) to download our Estate Planning Questionnaire.

Please bring any existing estate planning documents including:

  • Current Wills and Codicils
  • Trusts
  • Any other trusts of which you are a trustee or beneficiary
  • All existing powers of attorney including; Financial and  Health Care Powers of Attorney and/or Living Wills

Financial information detailing:

  • Deeds to real estate
  • Other types of assets including bank accounts, especially valuable personal assets (ex. jewelry, vehicles, etc.) life insurance, real estate, retirement plans, annuities, securities, stocks, savings bonds, etc.
  • Ownership and beneficiaries
  • Approximate value
  • Account statements, if possible
  • Any business interests

While your lawyer can provide advice when choosing a guardian for your children, along with choosing a trustee of your estate, it is important that you think ahead of time about who you would choose. It may be helpful to bring your address book if you have one. 

You will need names and contact information for potential

  • Beneficiaries and/or executors of your estate plan
  • Those who will serve as executors and/or successor trustee
  • Those who will serve as guardians for minor children (if applicable)
  • Those who will serve as financial and health care power of attorneys

Although it is not necessary to bring all of the information listed above, it is helpful for your attorney to have as much information as possible. The information will assist your attorney in providing the best possible advice based on Ohio Estate Planning, Ohio Estate Tax and Federal Estate Tax laws.

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