Support Staff


Megan DeBruin

Assistant to John Krajewski, Jim Rench, Aaron Lepp, Greg Bean and Craig Marshall

Email Megan

Direct Dial: 330-572-1321

Direct Fax: 330-572-1271



Hannah Thrush

Assistant to Martin Kerr, Gordon Woolbert, John Susany, Lesley Weigand

Email Hannah

Direct Dial: 330-572-1301 

Direct Fax: 330-572-1251



 Kimberly Leard

Assistant to Dave Umbaugh, Trey Bennett, Terrence Seeberger, Ashton Bizzarri and Jill Forrest

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Direct Dial: 330-572-1305 

Direct Fax: 330-572-1255



 Bonnie Miller

Assistant to Orville Reed and David Bertsch

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Direct Dial: 330-572-0330 

Direct Fax: 330-572-0331



 Hilary Buckeye

Assistant to Loma L. Swett, Michael George, David Hilkert and Michael Fortney

Email Hilary

Direct Dial: 330-572-6172

Direct Fax: 330-572-6173



 Erynn Mumaw

Assistant to Kathleen A. Fox, Julie A. Bickis, Ali Nienaber, Ralph A. Waszak, Jr. and Donald R. Scherer

Email Erynn

Direct Dial: 330-572-1328 

Direct Fax: 330-572-1278



 Christine Osborne

Assistant to Thomas Knoll, Jeff Knoll, Rebecca Kruichuk and Christopher A. Tipping

Email Christine

Direct Dial: 330-572-1312 

Direct Fax: 330-572-1262



 Phyllis Strickler

Assistant to Orville Reed and David Bertsch

Email Phyllis

Direct Dial: 330-572-6164

Direct Fax: 330-572-6165



Valerie Aemmer


Email Valerie

Direct Dial: 330-376-3300


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